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Every love story deserves to be told because every love story is unique.  Some sing with complete happiness, while others are potent with real struggle.  Emotions of a deep love can be felt, time after time with mention of only a few words.  Documenting a wedding is a fantastic idea; however it does not tell the real truth behind the journey of one’s affection.  Let me document that story.  Let the Rick Works Consulting document your story by talking to you, and your friends and family.

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In any Business, a trusting relationship is important to success. With a Business Profile video for your web page, you can develop that relationship before your customers even walk through the door.

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We have covered large events. We can cover events such as Anime Expo and other conventions. Are you holding an event that you want us to cover? Contact us and let us know!

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Photos of a potential home can say a thousand words, but cannot evoke a deep emotional response.  A video tour can connect with your buyer quickly; give them a great sense of space and depth of the home and inspire the emotions needed to gain their interest in purchasing a new home, before even taking a step into the house


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