New and Improved

The Rick Works snow the Rick Works Consulting.   There is a new logo and a new services page where I briefly discuss what I have to offer.  There will be lots of changes over the next few weeks. Things are gaining speed and we hope that you’ll enjoy the ride.

New Reality/Hispanic Market

In my search for a new job, I had the opportunity to get some work with my friends company and had to prove I can do what they wanted. They sent me some videos and wanted me to replicate parts of it. HEre is what i did.

Always Learning

I have opened up my business to going out and shooting and producing for businesses.  I’ve just picked up great gear and build my own rigs to help me.  I am now the proud owner of my own production lights as well.

I’ve also build my own Fig Rig, which you can learn about from the great guys at Indie Mogul.  You can check out their channel and subscribe here:

They produce some really great videos that are educational for any film maker and can help you figure out what sort of tripod to get, what sound equipment is best for you and how to buy the best equipment even on a budget.  Thanks indie mogul!  You can watch their video on making a fig rig right here:


In other news, here is the link to the rig I made for myself that we used on Up In Smoke.  I call it the Gun Pod, after the gun pod in Robotech, because I am just a huge nerd.  The page is linked right here if you want to follow in my footsteps:

I am upping my game and picked up a zoom h1 for my audio recording. Its one great piece of head ware and won’t break your budget. Running at about $100 on Amazon, you can probably find one for cheaper on Ebay if your diligent and persistent. I was able to get mine for under $100 and had enough left over to pick up an Azden EX503, which I am pretty impressed with. Clocking in at under $30. Its a great combo if you are picking up the Zoom H1. You can find them on amazon here:

Azden EX503

Zoom H1

Also if your in the LA area and are looking for lights, lenses or a tripod at a pretty good deal. Hit up the Bargain Camera Show. They buy old equipment and yo can always find what you are looking for.

Have a great day and I hope these links help you fellow film makers.

Live Recklessly

Sorry for the late update

I’ve been super busy. Up and Smoke has wrapped up production and we recently had produced our first cut of Up In Smoke which was viewed by a specially selected audience to give us notes to improve the quality of the work. Its been a long road, but its almost ready.

One of the big projects I am a part of Swing The Documentary has had its first clip viewed at Camp Hollywood this year to rave reviews. Iw as also responsible for covering the competitions. I even had the chance to take a few classes to reign in my dancing ability. If you don’t already know, I am an active Social dancer with a love for Lindy Hop. Camp Hollywood was a great time. I injured my knee during the event, but am backon teh dance floor. So watch out ladies!

I am also starting to work on my own business and will be producing some videos for some people. And have started some work with House of Rock and am working on my second project with them. SO stay tuned for that.

Things are looking up! Remember to live recklessly!

Up In Smoke, nearing the finish line

Hey faithful followers.  Sorry about the lack of updates.  I have been busy Producing Up In Smoke.  We are about 90% done with filming.  Great job everyone.

SO far its been a great experience, its been hectic, its been insane at times, but its always fun.  I’ll keep you updated as best as I can,  I am becoming a very busy guy.


Hello friends!

So things are coming along on our production and we wrapped up 3 days of shooting!  not bad huh?  We also met the end of our IndieGoGO Campaign and made a good chuck of change to help us most the production along.  Thanks to everyone who donated.

Currently we are looking for a 2 story house exterior we can use, and an office space to shoot in.  If you know of anything and are in the LA area, please let us know.

Up In Smoke!

Hello everyone,

We are starting Pre-production on a project with Herbert Sam Soto titled,Up In Smoke.  If you haven’t already, please like out fan page to be kept up to date and support us on out new crazy venture.

Acting Reel Special

This Month only! Acting reels for $200, bring in a friend who also needs one, and its $300 flat for the two acting reels! Email me today and lets get started on the new year!

The Great 48

I am working on hosting a 48 Hour Movie Contest early next year.  I want to do maybe 3 events, but the first one will be for the Lindy Hop Community.  Things are still being prepped and researched and judges are to be found, prizes, a venue, etc.


It sounds like it could be fun to host something like this.  Its a new endeavor for me and it will be exciting to see the results of the hard working going into this.