Had a life changing day today.  Had a meeting with my client, Des Antontetti,  who has a great way of thinking and looking at life, and it changed me for the better, and just that first meeting.  Can’t wait to dive into these projects, to help a great guy with his business and help him with his future success with what I do best.

In the next few weeks I will be producing videos for Desmond Antonetti, who runs Antonetti’s Hair for men.  I truly interesting guy, and I look forward to helping him reach an audience that will lead him to success.

Reworking the Rick Works


Site Repairs

It seems that there were some problems with the website and it was infected with some Malware.  I had to delete every thing and reinstall everything,  The site is up and running again, and I will be making fixes as I go.  But here it is again, all up and running.  There will be some fixes as I go, but if you have any questions, please email me by clicking the Contact Me button at the top menu.

There are also some New Pages for you to enjoy.   Your Story and Video Tours, which describe two of my new services.  Please take a look and tell me if you have any input or updates, or thoughts on how to make the services better.  The content is there and I will be working on making it prettier.  Since the infection I’ll have to rebuild a few pages to their former and/or greater glory.

Thanks everyone for the support!