The Stocton Scorpions Join The IFL

Along with Skylab, the Rick Works is producing a 10 episodes series for the Stockton Scorpions. Please Support the project at

A Few Things About Dance Etiquette

Written in 2015 with concepts and ideas from Sierra Kane, Rick Quitoriano wrote a short about Dance Etiquette.  Meant to give something back to the community he loves so much, while poking fun and teaching dancers both new and old how to conduct themselves in the dance world.

With Music provided by Maureen Davis and The Mercury Five, the production promises to be one to remember.  Rick Quitoriano wrote and will driect, with Matthew Van Tine as Director Of Photography and Tyler Welch as Assistant Director, The Rick Works has assembled a talented team to bring this script to life.

We are also very Honored to have the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, provide us with a wonderful venue to use for this production.



Fred Astaire Dance Studio – Pasadena

Spirit Guided Life –