Who are we?

The Rick Works Consulting is a video production and video editing company that connects you with success.

Connection is everything in any business.  A strong connection can be the difference between triumph and failure.  The Goal of our company is to use our skills in video production and editing to help business owners connect with their clients, to connect actors with projects, and to connect Realtors with potential home buyers. Connection, builds trust, connection inspires action, and connection inspires decisions.

The next generation of homebuyers and sellers grew up in a world of media and in an age of accessible information. Capitalizing on this new form of marketing in a key component in today’s marketing. Buying a new car, a new refrigerator, or even a new home, it’s important to take advantage of the new form of marketing.

The Rick Works provides several different video production and editing services. Ranging from event coverage, realty video tours and our new Your Story.

Our goal is to connect Business to Customers, Home Buyers to Home, and People to each other. We want to connect you and success.

We have been a part of projects such as Swing The Documentary, How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy and helped produce a Sitcom pilot, Up In Smoke last year.  With several years experience as a producer and a video editor, the Rick Works aims to help small business reach an audience to help them be successful.

We want to think outside of the box and create videos to draw in customers into your store and build repeat business.

More and more businesses have websites.  People are more likely to watch a 3-minute video about your business than read your content.  In business relationships are important.  With w short video documentary on you and your business, people can build a trust in you and a fondness for your business before they even walk into the store.

Not just business relationships, your personal relationships are also very important to us, which is where out Your Story project comes in.  How may people watch their Wedding Videos after they receive them? Once or twice?

A wedding is undoubtedly an important day.  But your journey to get there is just as important.

You can read more about it on our, Our Story Page.

We also provide video coverage of big conventions such as Anime Expo.

Rick, of the Rick Works is also a Lindy Hopper and takes time to give back to his dance community and is currently working on a Web Series to help New and ongoing dancers hone in their skills or just find a place to dance.

We want you to be Successful.  Let us help you find that success through the use of video.