The following are my most recent unreleased material along with some of my best work that will give you a better idea of what I am able to produce for your company.

Bring Back the LA Rams – For Your Consideration Video
The video that brought back the Los Angeles Rams. After years of campaigning, Thomas and Dennis Bateman hired the Rick Works, to get them and thousands of other fans, their win. A nation wide viewed video, to convince the owners of the Rams and the National Football League to bring the Rams back to their home in Los Angeles.

Scott Robert Lim
This is the promo video for a bigger project. The full tutorials are not cleared or posting, but here is a taste.

California Marketing Concepts 15 Year Anniversary

Atonetti’s Hair For Men

Camp Hollywood: The Classes

Camp Hollywood: The Dances

Camp Hollywood: The Vendors

Love-U-Mentaries: Courtney and Scott

Victoriano Tea And Dance

The Dancing

The Tea

The Music

Tiny Tales: Chess

Everyone Wants a Love Bun Commercial

How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy