Our goal Is not just to capture the day, but also to honor the journey to get there.

Let the Rick Works capture your wedding day. We have multiple package deals to fit your budget.

Most packages include a video edit and a 1.5-2-hour video DVD edit of the days events into the pricing. There is also a more relaxed 15-30 Minute Highlight video end product is only 15-30 Minutes. Camera crews will show up and setup their gear an hour before the event.

Our Top Package includes the Love-U-Mentary videos, where we interview, family and the wedding party, creating a documentary style video of your wedding day. You can learn more about our Love-U-Mentaries here.

Top Package

Wedding and Reception                                     $ 2,400

Preparation, Wedding and Reception                   + $500

Love-U-Mentary Video (30min)                           + $600

TOTAL                  $3,500


“Day in the Life Of” Package

Wedding and Reception                                     $2,400

Preparation, Wedding and Reception                   + $500

TOTAL                  $2,900


Wedding Package

Wedding and Reception                                     $2,400

TOTAL                  $2,400


15-30 minute Highlight Day

Highlight shoot                                             $1,500

TOTAL                  $1,500